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In swahili safari means journey.

It has been a great adventure! We saw many wild animals within amazing landscapes.
We went to the safari with a big 4 wheel car. Our group was composed of 8 persons: our driver and guide, the cook, 2 French girls ( one volunteer and her friend), 1 German man, 1 Slovenian guy and us 2.

When we started our journey we knew which parks we would visit but we had no clue about the way things would happened.
We quickly understood that we will have to stay inside the car for most of the time. The only moment when we could step out were in specified areas for lunch and at night for dinner and sleep.

Fortunately the car was confortable and had a roof that could be opened so we could watch the animals without disturbing them to much.

During this 4 days, we visited 3 parks, passed most of the time in the car on roads surrounded by wild animals.


Safari car



We left Arusha around 9 am. We were very excited and impatient to discover the safari landscapes. We had to drive 2 and half hours and passed many masaï villages before we reached the first park of our journey named Tarangire.


tarangire entrance fee
Tarangire entrance


2 minutes after passing the entrance guide we could already see the first Ani. Antilopes, gazellas and zebras are sharing the space and live in peace together. As we get deeper into the park, we réalisé that gnou migration has just started as we can see herds of them walking in lines. Few minutes later, we could observe the first elephants. We were quiet surprised that we could get very close to the animals and that they don’t fear the cars.

Waethog are hanging around in the middle of gazella herds when suddenly we see a giraf’s head appearing. When we look closer we can actually see 4 of them eating some tree leaves.


Tarangire view from the car
Animals together
Tarangire elephant
Tarangire elephant family
Tarangire gazel
Tarangire Gazelles
Gnou migration
Tarangire giraf

Lunch break takes place in a dedicated picnic area. The view from the place is breathtaking. You are overlooking the valley populated by a huge amount of different animals. Most of them are following the path of a dry river. Some of them manage to get some water from below the earth. All this animals leave in peace and share the same space.

After lunch, we drew down to the river. Their were some lion lying in the shadow of a tree. When a zebra came to close to the tree, one lion stude up and started to chase him away.


Tarangire point of view
Hungry monkey
Pick nik area

We left the park around 5 pm and arrived at the camping site 30 min later. We had time to plant the tant before the darkness arrived. We were very happy because the site was equipped with a swimming pool, a really luxurious things after having spent one week in Arusha with a local lifestyle.


Swimming pool


| DAY 2

After a good sleep in the tants and a delicious breakfast, it’s time to head towards Serengeti National Park. The distance is big, fortunately we can watch herds of zebras, monkeys and even girafes on the way. On the route we stop by a point of view overlooking Ngorogoro crater. The landscape is gorgeous!


On the road to Serengeti
On the way to Serengeti
Ngorongoro point of view
Ngorongoro point of view

We arrive at Serengeti entrance gate at 1pm and have lunch their. After lunch we get back to the car thinking to move on quickly.


Serengeti entrance
Serengeti Landscape

Unfortunately because of some adminstrativ problems. It’s finally 4pm when we are finally allowed to pass the entrance gate.
We have to go to the camping site quickly because it’s only allowed to drive within the park on daytime.

We quickly forget the long waiting time when we meet the first leopard sleeping on a tree. Right after we observe hippopotamus walking out of the water. Few kilometers further we come across a second cat lying on branches. A little bit ahead we come across a lion crossing the street. When we arrive at the camp site the sun is coming down and we can admire buffalo and girafes. It’s quiet a surrealistic ambiance !


hippo family

We build our tants before it gets dark. The camp has no fence and is in the middle of the savanna! After a good dinner we go to sleep. While we were trying to fall asleep, we can hear a warthog running and screaming. We are curious and scared on the same time, what’s happening outside? We finally decide to take our small torches and get out of the tants. After fez steps, we get nose to nose with some girafs having dinner. While staring at some of them we realize that they are many maybe 7 or 8. When we look at the toilet room we can observe some shiny eyes watching us! Scared we go back to sleep and are impatient for to live the coming day. In the morning we realize that the shiny eyes are actually a buffalo herd!



| DAY 3

We will spend the whole day in Serengeti. It’s like being in the lion king’s movie! The landscape is made from savanna and rocks populated by many lions! We have the chance to see the whole family: male, female and babies also a cheetah looking for a meal.


lion family
Serengeti Landscape
serengeti lion

Later we see another cheetah looking at her prey being eaten by a hyena and some vautours. The cheetah is sitting their powerless looking at the scene. Even though it’s the fastest animal on earth it’s by far not the strongest. When the hyena comes it doesn’t even try to protect his prey and just moves away…


sauve qui peut

we leave the park around 3.30 pm and move towards Ngorongoro crater.

The camp is fantastic. Like in Serengeti, their are no fence. Animals can walk around as they like. We build our tants in the middle of zebra poo. Like cows back in France, they are eating the grass or running around.



we leave the park around 3.30 pm and move towards Ngorongoro crater.

The camp is fantastic. Like in Serengeti, their are no fence. Animals can walk around as they like. We build our tants in the middle of zebra poo. Like cows back in France, they are eating the grass or running around.


| DAY 4

We spend the last they inside dmthe Ngorongoro crater. We don’t see many animals and get a little less impressed as we get used to see the most common ones ( zebra, gazel, gnou…). In this park the landscape is the most amazing thing. We are lucky and encounter 2 black rhino. We are very happy because with them we can put one more check in our list and say that we’ve seen the big 5!



We take the lunch break close to a lake populate by many hippos. The place is very beautiful.



Eating is not so easy their, you have to watch for the hungry eagle who will appear in a second to steal your meal. We decide to eat inside of the car. After lunch it’s time to go back to Arusha.



Eventhough it was very expensive we don’t regret at all those few days. We saw much more animals the what we expected. We could approche them very closely. All the guides share one common radio frequency and communicate all the time to help eachother. Everytime a special animal get spotted you can see many cars rushing toward the same place. It gives your more chance to see interesting things but sometimes you end up being with 10 other cars watching the same animals. Overall it’s a magical experience!




Our chef prepared us very good meals fir breakfast and dinner. At the camping places we could have hot shower.
For this safari we paid 185$/day/pers. In total we paid 740$/pers for the 4 days.