” When you travel for longer time, the journey starts before you even left. You read books, open maps and start to dream…”

Joseph Kessel


It’s difficult to choose an itinerary for your own, it’s even more complicated when you are 2.

At least we had a common goal, leave France and head towards Oceania within 1 year. We had to build up a strategy to make the best possible itinerary. After filling the map on our wall by dozen of pins, we agreed, we can not do everything!

In order to do the trip in a logical way, we had to decide which half of the world we wanted to visit. America- Oceania or Africa-Asi-Oceania? We decided for the second option or several raisons: we had some friends wedding in Marocco in September, both of us wanted to discover the African continent and this option seemed to be the most affordable.

The red line decided, it was time to look closer and choose the countries that we would visit. Budget, time and will would help to decide.


First we went to a travel agency specialised in world tours. Even though we didn’t bought the tickets from them, it was very interesting to talk and exchange with the travel agent. He gave us some good advices about the best climat periods for different places around the globe. As we tried to keep the costs as low as possible, plane ticket prices played a roll in choosing the destinations. For example. We add Guinea Bissau because the flight Guinea-Bissau/Cape Verde was 200€ cheaper then Cape Verde/Sénégal. For us it was important to have a logical path avoiding as much as we could to travel by plane. We had to go across dangerous countries where unfortunately we can’t avoid to fly obove. Also, we didn’t have enough time to cross all by the land.

Here you can see the map of the trip:

Pour plus de précisions sur les durées ou autres c’est ici.