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After 4 weeks spen in Tanzania and 1 week in Zanzibar, it’s time to sum up some practical aspects about Tanzanian lifestyle.   | BEEING A TOURIST I’M TANZANIA Our experience in Arusha confirms what we have seen in all African countries so far. When you talk with someone by the street side or simply…

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Arusha isn’t the nicest place Tanzania has to offer but it’s very well located. You can find many treks and beautiful waterfalls in a short range. During our stay we discovered Moshi hot springs and went to Mont Meru waterfall. We liked being back to a natural environment, away from Arusha’s traffic.   | HOT…

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Visiting Tanzania was too expensive for our budget. We decided to discover the culture while leaving with an economical lifestyle. Volunteering was a very good option. We could do useful things and get free food and accommodation. For this first volunteering experience, we found a local GNO: Children community support based in Arusha. Arusha is…

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